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Out of the Fog... for Life

We long to find ourselves
We long to be ourselves
We long to row our own boats
We long to be the captain of our own ship

Lasting happiness is a state of mind. I need to renew my mind each morning, remembering what I have learned, not only about who I am but who I want to be. I need to focus on what I want to create in my life or risk getting lost in the fog where I keep insanely repeating the same painful mistakes.

This book is about what I have learned while trying to follow a life of personal and spiritual growth. Some will look at my book as a theoretical text, others will think of it as just one man’s journey. I believe it is both.

I look at my book as an offering to a suffering world. I offer puzzle pieces for humankind’s desperate search for an identity that will bring increased levels of wholeness, health and the fullness of being. I believe that only by knowing who we are, will we know what to do. Sadly, most of the world is lost in a fog and has great resistance to look deep inside themselves in search of their authentic self. I believe, they may fear what they will find

I invite you to read the first chapter of my book, not so much to sell you a book, but to tweak your interest and start a discussion. In time, I hope to post some of the discussions that these concepts generate. I hope to attract you to one of my interactive seminars where you can experience these principles first hand.

What people say about Hal's book...

"Hal has written about some important concepts in a very engaging and readable manner. Reading this could be life-changing!"
-- Patricia Born, M.S. LMHC

"This isn't just another self-help book. It is a roadmap, rather than a method, to a more genuine understanding of the human condition. Most important, Pullin provides a clear perspective to help any of us develop more meaningful relationships with others."
-- Gregory Pierson

"I was proud to be part of the review team for Hal Pullin's new Book ‘Out of the Fog For Life'. It shows a lifetime of learning by a man that has experienced life and knows how to communicate these lessons to students in an easy to comprehend manner. Along with his class or other media methods, this is a lifechanging study for the serious student who wants to get out of the Fog."
-- Sam Rector P.E., M.B.A

"I met Hal in 1989. We started as colleagues and soon became friends and collaborators. I am a witness to the development of the ideas in this book. Hal went through the fire of alienation, self-examination and ownership. He went through the healing of connection and commitment. Hal chose authenticity and vulnerability over distance. He dedicated himself to developing ideas that provide a safer pathway for others. Hal can be goofy and is often wise. He is a light through the fog. You will be inspired."
-- Chuck Britt, MA, LMFT

"If you hear Hal tell it, wandering through life unconscious can have a lot of benefits -- at least for a while. You get to make decisions based on emotion, choose what's fun in the short term with seemingly no consequences, and enjoy the best parts of relationships while ignoring pesky things like conflict and boundaries.

He knows these things firsthand. He also knows that the unconscious life is insane. Is ‘insane' any way to live? In ‘Out of the Fog for Life' Hal joins a little guy named ‘Q' in discussing what it means to live the conscious and the unconscious life. Through experiences, he shows that we can all relate to how important it is to understand and take control of our inner guidance system. He walks us through the programming, experiences and family systems that shape how we relate to the world, and how they can be the key to a life of joy or pain. So, if you would prefer joy, and you can muster up some courage, I challenge you to join Hal and ‘Q' in examining the fog in your life -- and discover the freedom that lies beyond."
-- Patrick Garrett




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Chapter Descriptions

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The Tail of the Dragon

The Four Levels of Being

Hal Hears a WHU

A New Model for Humankind

Trauma, Buried Alive, Never Dies

Understanding the Power of the Mind

The Three Legs of Wholeness

The Spiritual Journey

The Phases of a Complete Life

A Normally Insane Family

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