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Helping you find your path to lasting happiness


Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

Everyone needs to be heard. Finding your authentic voice and telling your stories is essential to all human healing, wholeness and fullness of being. We all need to learn to understand and express what we think and feel.

Fall announcement

Again this fall we will be living in Arizona from October to April. To my current and former clients, I will be available via phone. I will not be taking on any new clients until next April when I am back in Washington for six months.

For clarification, all work via the phone is life coaching and in the office is psychotherapy. I will discuss financial arrangements with each of you separately.

I encourage all my clients wanting to make lasting positive changes to renew their minds daily and have a 15 minute check in with me weekly.

Nothing pleases me more than to be witness to your healthy development.

Special Announcement

To the Luther O. Pullin/ Verna May Oeh clan.

I have written a short book. A series of selected memories about my family of origin. I wrote it primarily for members of my extended family wherever they may be.

I wrote this is in part to tell pieces of my own story and encourage the telling of family stories. I desire participation and am anxious to post, as an addendum to this book, any pictures and stories you are willing to contribute. Call me for instructions @ 360-421-4858. Please read the entire book, or at least look at the pictures. You might want to start writing about a favorite memory and if possible include a picture.

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My Family
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"Sadly, in mid-life, Jack and Jill left their marriage unaware they were destined
the repeat the same mistakes in all future relationships."


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of my new book
Jack and Jill and Happiness Hill.

I wrote this book to help people see more clearly why love dies and why we humans, even with our big brains,
keep repeating the same insane mistakes. I want to teach all human beings three relationship skills and a
conflict resolution model. I pray that Jack and Jill find the courage to get the help they need.


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About My Practice
I have been in private practice for over 20 years and have seen over 2000 people, as individuals, couples and/or families for a very broad range of issues.

I view my job as guiding people to make change by finding their own unique path to lasting health and wholeness.  I am offering a free 30 minute phone consultation to all perspective clients. It is important that we decide if I can meet your needs. If I am not able to help you, I will refer you on to someone who does good work in dealing with your specific needs.


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