Hal Pullin, M.A. Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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Bark, Bark, There Are Still Bunnies at the Park
Jack and Jill and Happiness Hill

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Out of the Fog... for Life

Lasting happiness is a state of mind. I need to renew my mind each morning, remembering what I have learned, not only about who I am but who I want to be. I need to focus on what I want to create in my life or risk getting lost in the fog where I keep insanely repeating the same painful mistakes.

This book is about what I have learned while trying to follow a life of personal and spiritual growth. Some will look at my book as a theoretical text, others will think of it as just one man’s journey. I believe it is both.

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Out of the Fog... for Life by Hal Pullin

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A book about a life of personal and spiritual growth.

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